Idyllic Candle Co.

Idyllic Candle Co.




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Idyllic is a west coast based small batch based candle company, focused on creating hand poured soy candles that are all natural and environmentally friendly. They are infused with essential oils and natural essences, to offer delightful and authentic scents. Idyllic believes in taking time to relax and indulge in moments of pause, emphasizing self-care and creating am environment where you can melt into your daydreams. 

The causera symbol (//) was integrated into the logo and patterns through the italic l’s and abstract diagonal lines, as this represented the notion of taking a pause and the perception of a quiet environment.

The logo is meant to represent an elegant, confident, and dreamlike quality while the secondary typeface evokes a more personal, relaxed, and inviting atmosphere as it is evocative of hand-drawn text.

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